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Jack St. John Bussell

This weeks Artist for creative corner is the authentic commercial and lifestyle photographer Jack St. John Bussell.  It will only take a second after diving into Jack's Instagram feed to realise the ocean and everything outdoors is very close to his heart.  Who are you, where are you from and how has this influenced your work WHO AM I… Big question haha, I am 26yr old professional photographer specialising in authentic commercial & lifestyle projects… Thats what I do for my profession at least. As for passion there are many things that inspire and spark joy in my life each day, things that make me who I am; photographing moments in this amazing world we live in, photographing moments of solitude, adventure and...

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Louis Raymond

Introducing Creative Corner! Creative corner will be a series of blog posts introducing you to some of the best artists creating magic from coast to coast! These posts will be an outlet for any artist to answer a few questions and showcase some of their favourite pieces.    First artist we have the pleasure of showcasing is Louis Raymond. If you’re grinding through the working week dreaming of the weekend take 5 minutes to look at his work, he will teleport you to simpler times whilst ignite the passion for adventure! He has taken the time to give us a little insight into his journey as a photographer and what fuels his passion.  Who are you?    My name is...

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