Sue The Boy


Meet Harley, A ring designer based out of Byron Bay

Harley works under the name Sue The Boy. He creates visual snippets of his surroundings and engraves them into solid sterling silver or 9k Gold rings. You can tell that time and effort are prominent factors when creating the rings as each ring has a different story. Here we get a little bit of insight into Harley and just some fun questions. Be sure to check out more of his work via the links at the bottom of this post.


Who are you? and where are you from.

My names actually Harley not Sue haa and I was born and raised in Byron although I started Sue the Boy in Sydney while studying down there..


Has your upbringing and lifestyle had an impact on your work? 

My upbringing was pretty chilled, if the surf was good enough mum would give me the day off school haha, I guess that comes through in my work..


If you were to have a day just at your work station what do you put on to help with the creatively flow? is it an album, playlist, podcast or an audiobook? and what about this helps your process? 

If i'm doing wax work and creating new designs, I'll usually opt for music..king giz, tame impala, dope lemon, the growlers.. something along those lines seem to get me keen to create stuff.. otherwise i've been getting into Sci fi audiobooks for emails and invoicing etc haha seems to pass the time fast!


If you could make a custom piece for anyone past or present, who would it be and what do you think they are wear? 

Ohhh big question, I'd probably make Neil Armstrong a little silver 'SUE' flag and get him to plant it on the moon.. I get excited when I get an order from a distant place :s


When did you discover your skill with ring making? And how did you realise this is something you want to pursue? 

I made myself a ring for homework while studying Industrial Design, when I'd go out I had a bunch of people hit me up where I got it from so I decided to start a website and learn along the way..


What would be your ideal adventure?

Well i'm going to Nepal at the end of the year to trek to Everest base camp so i'm pretty pumped for that, otherwise I'm pretty keen to buy an old Royal Enfeild and ride across India.. I think that would be pretty wild..


Last of all, where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from? 

Good question, I get pretty into things like shows on people living above the Artic Circle, my rings ended up having Caribou horns and pine tree's during that stage haha, At the moment i'm pretty obsessed with Japanese art and culture and I think that is showing in a lot of my rings... other than that the tattoo culture has always had a pretty big and continual influence.


You can find more of Harley's work below

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