Seamus Byrne

Seamus Byrne

Its been a little while between drinks for the Creative Corner but I don't think there is a better artist to bring it back as the year comes to a close.

Seamus Byrne is a Photographer currently located in Sydneys Northern Beaches. His ocean based photography will catch your eye with such a rich understanding of how and when to use the light. Byrne’s work will fill your heart.


Welcome to the creative corner Seamus, I would love to know a little bit about you. Where are you from? What do the early years for Seamus Byrne look like and how did a Camera enter your life?

Sure! Hey I’m Seamus, and I’m an 18 year old photographer from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. My early years were heavily revolved in the outdoors, in particular the ocean. I had developed my love for photography through surfing with my dad and creating short films with my friends.


Its very obvious the ocean has had a massive impact on you and your photography, I was wondering what the ocean means to you? 

 The ocean to me presents an accessible and beautiful form of nature, in which me and most Australians are lucky enough to call our home. The ocean is a calming element, where I can connect with myself and the environment around me.


What is Photography to you? 

Photography to me means stories - Doesn’t have to be some inspirational story or even a one your’e proud of, it just has to remind you of a moment you experienced, which you can associate the photo with.


Now that the camera is well and truly imprinted in your current adventures, where would you like photography to take you over the next few years? 

I really don’t know ahaha, I have just finished high school as of 3 weeks ago - so I’m planning to relax for a while and then look for an internship. do some travel or create some stories of my own. I hope to travel and meet new people and create some stories worth listening to!


Are there a few photographers you can think of that you watch closely? This can be for ideas, growth and just genuine stoke on other salty photographers

If so, Name and shame and tell us what it is about their work that caught your eye! 

 Name and shame begins…

 Woody Gooch, Harry Mark, Amber Mozo, Ansel Adams - I love all of their unique styles and they have influenced me in my photography.

 As of people I know that I’m stoked on includes Daniel Gschwind, Matt Cherubino, Dom Sullivan.


If you could spend a week anywhere in the world to capture surf/lifestyle work, Where would it be and why? 

It would have to be somewhere completely unexpected, I have seen some of the stuff going on in Alaska and would love to go there so I’ll lock that one in for Alaska. Mainly because the landscape is so vast and beautiful.


How do you spend your downtime? Is it with family, The ocean? What is it that allows you to just relax

Downtime I usually watch movies, tv, eat a lot, spend time with friends / family and of course I surf whenever I can!


Do you have a favourite film/Tv Show if so what is it and why? 

I would say right now the movie knives out is my favourite - saw it in the cinemas not too long ago but I had really liked the whole murder mystery thing going.


Top 3 Favourite Foods

Ravioli, Pizza, Curry and Rice.


So you’re off on a road trip, you have three essential items excluding camera gear, What are you bringing?

Surfboard (if needed), electronics (phone and laptop to edit photos) and defiantly some snacks.


This is just a small look into some of the work Seamus does, If you would like to see more or even collaborate on future projects you can find his details below. 

Instagram - @seamusbphoto

Email -


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