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Saige collection has the magical ability to make those bleak days tucked in bed scrolling through Instagram a whole lot brighter! Capturing shots from pure power to black and white mood driven photographs the ever growing gallery is one to check out. We get  an insight into Saige Collection accompanied with some class images. 

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Hey, Could we have a bit of a back story on your lifestyle growing up and how this may have influenced and shaped your work? 

Hey! Im 21 I grew up on the Central Coast, Australia. I come from a large family, I feel this influenced me to be better than my siblings in a creative way. I think this shapes my work by wanting too learn.


Who would be your top 3 most influential photographers in relation to you and your photography? 

 There’s really so much inspiration around right now, my 3 most influential photographers show the raw beauty created by the ocean and its surroundings. And inspire me to create my dreams and live life.

Cait Miers Photography @caitmiersphotography

Amy Pearl Photography @amypearlphoto

Calin Jones Photo @calinjonesphoto


Just too add one more, my brother @oceantimephotgraphy


The ocean has a different impact on everyone, what is it about the ocean that draws you in? 

Ever since a young age, the oceans alway been a way to clear my mind and being around it renews my creativity allowing me to capture what I see through my eyes 


If you could capture a series of images anywhere in the world, where would it be? Can you please describe in in detail the type of shots would you aim to capture?

When I think of capturing a series of images I dream of crystal clear waters anywhere in the world or a lineup full of action, and be apart of that energy. For me its either one or the other.


Bay Dives (Captured by: @oceantimephotography)

         Instagram: @Saigecollection


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