Riley Kruck


Riley Kruck is an ocean based photographer from the shores of Byron Bay, NSW. Going over Riley's work you get an overwhelming sense of love for the ocean, with a mixture of iceberg blue and rolling green Rileys Instagram is definitely one to pop on the followers list. 


Who are you and where are you from?

Howdy!! I am a 21 year old photographer from Byron Bay NSW.  I grew up in QLD and moved to the coast when I was 18 - loving every minute of it.


 What does a day in the life of Rikey Kruck look like? Is it shooting, surfing, adventure?

 A day in the life of Riley hahah.  It can look very different on any given day, but at the moment I am currently working a full time job and just keeping photography as a hobby.  I prefer it that way.  I try to get in the water as often as I possibly can and if I get a free weekend I love heading inland for a poke around - so many underrated gems just a few hours from the coast!


 How did you get into photography and was there a key moment when you thought this is unreal

When I was 17 and had just got my license I was going to all these awesome places and really just wanted to document them.  I had a gopro and thought it was the sickest thing ever.  I slowly started getting more interested in the technical side of things so I purchased a DSLR and went to town.  The first time I shot in the ocean was pretty special, my housing leaked hahah but it was all uphill from there.


You have a very ocean/adventure fuelled feed, has this been shaped by your upbringing? If not where do you think the passion and love for the deep blue has come from? 

I grew up in the bush so I would only spend time at the beach a couple of times a year.  When I started shooting in the ocean I really wanted to be able to portray it in it in a way that makes people feel as if they are there themselves.  I think seeing water from a different perspective sparks my passion.  You can never get the same shot twice in the ocean, and I love it.  


Do you have any other creative outlets in addition to photography?

Do stick and pokes count? Me and my house mate play a bit of music, but thats about it.


What do you enjoy most about Photography? 

Probably being able to do what ever you want with it.  In the early days of my photography I was always trying to shoot in a way that I knew would get traction on instagram.  These days I am shooting more of the stuff I want to shoot and in the way I want to shoot it.  Its WAY more fun.


Your feed has the ability to make us want to just swim, surf and adventure. If you could have two weeks anywhere in the world just capturing images of anything, where would it be and why? 

Hmm big question.  Probably the coastline of Western Australia.  I have never been there but the remoteness is irresistible.     


Instagram: @rileykruck

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