On The Rise: Collins

Picture this, 

Its a warm Saturday evening and the smell of hot asphalt flows through the air, the roads a little warm under foot and you're gliding along on your Z-Flex. With no real direction in mind you have the crew around you and its one big adventure! 

This is where I was transported when I hit play on Collins new masterpiece "That Guy". For him to be so early in his journey but have the ability to draw out all these emotions is  mind-blowing. Its not often that we see artists come out firing with their first few tracks and especially ones that you can visualise being played over and over on Triple J. I hope when the time comes Collins nails the film clip, a Kombi Van with the windows down, hair being splayed across the back window pane as the song rattles the interior. 

All ideas aside I want you to listen to That Guy with your headphones in and let it take you somewhere, once you have done so id love to hear where it takes you! 


Once 2020 Passes Im almost certain we will do a CrewTop Pop Up event where we can have @mail.jpeg (Collins) with the tunes, @reportage_renegade with a walk around exhibit and a few other creatives currently killing it! 




You can find his socials and song via the links below 






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