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Film imagery is something that recently really grabbed my attention, from being very limited in your shot selection to working the lightning and angles like a true professional just really intrigued me. When I came across the artist and photographer in Levi Deliveyne I was blown away. His work has such a nostalgic sense to it due to the film aspect but such a creative and photographic eye that allows him to execute his ideas perfectly. We hope you enjoy this little chat with Levi. 

Id love to know a little bit about you, Whats your name and where are you from?
 Hey, my name is Levi Deliveyne. I call South Australia, more specifically the Fleurieu Peninsula home, but I was born in Belgium, making the big move to Australia with my family when I was just a wee boy. I love this Coastline and the people who live here and still find my way back to Europe when I can.
Keeping the questions closely related early on, how did your early years drive you to get into photography and capturing moments? 
 I started taking film photos very early, my first camera was an Olympus OM10, which I found at a garage sale for a fiver. This got the ball rolling, having to learn shooting photos manually, a meticulous and in turn rewarding process, I was hooked. I think that I fell in love with the little victories of receiving my developed photos and surprising myself with a few nice ones, each time learning from the last roll and trying to get more nice photos out of the 24 I had to work with. 
During the early days of your photography journey did you begin shooting on film or was it a gradual transition from digital photography? 
 I used to film some little skate edits with mates and take some photos along the way, on a Canon 500D, but getting hold of my first film camera and a  few broken bones skateboarding soon meant the end of the digital camera. I still occasionally blow the dust of that camera and give it a whirl. 
You have an overwhelming stoke for the sea and thats so sick, Where does this love for the ocean and outdoors come from and how has it influenced your work?
The majority of my photos surround the ocean in some way. I guess this is just because of where I live and the people I hang out with. The community where I live is big on surfing so I've been surrounded by these ocean-loving people growing up and have gained a great appreciation for the beauty of the ocean.
Do you have a favourite memory from your photography journey? If so could you paint the picture for our readers! 
This is a hard question. This is like someone asking you what your favorite album or song is, impossible to answer I think. I consider myself very lucky to have traveled to so many great places, leaving me with so many nice memories of taking photos and connecting with people who have a mutual interest in photography. 
A bunch of your most recent work has been over seas, What countries have you ventured to and do you have any memorable moments you’d like to share? 
My most recent work is from a trip I did to Europe. I traveled around for three months, mostly by myself to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. I took only one camera, my little Canon Sureshot because on previous trips I found myself being a little bit too obsessive with getting the shots I wanted, this little camera allowed me to just snap away, capturing some moments whilst most importantly really being present in the moment and taking it all in. As far as memorable moments, the whole trip was just wild, eye-opening goodness but surfing in the Basque country and the Portuguese coast was very special to me.
With traveling theres always this subtle feeling of freedom, What do you personally get out of going into an unknown location and just adventuring?
This trip was very much decided on a whim. I feel like this was total freedom. Free to go wherever, do whatever. Meeting new people and seeing new things was the drive of this trip, whilst being alone allowed me to do things at my own pace and make my own decisions. I think the best part of traveling is you get to see how other people live, the cultural differences and differences in lifestyle. this had a great impact on me and was very fulfilling.
If you could go anywhere in 2020 with your photography where would it be and why this location Is there a specific thing drawing you there?
I just plan to keep doing what I'm doing in 2020, hanging out with like-minded cool cats and taking photos of their mugs and them doing cool things. I feel like I left a whole lot un-explored on my recent trip so I'm definitely keen to get back traveling, taking a heap of photos along the way. 

Can you surf and if so whats your board of choice? 
My friend, Will shaped his first board, it's a fun little twin-fin, fish. I'm not sure about its specs but I don't think he knows himself honestly. I liked that one and might have to steal it.
How is downtime spent for you? Is it weekends with mates or do you have other hobbies  
 I'm studying, working, surfing when I can and hanging out with mates. nothing too serious.
Its a Friday so time to kick it with the homies, What is your beverage of choice? 
Those Coopers purple cans have been going down a treat.
With 2020 being so fresh what would you like to get out of it with your work? Would it be building closer relationships with brands or more travel based photography?
We are interested to see what you’ve possibly planned for the year ahead! 
I've been working closely with some cool brands which is very exciting, I'm keen to get it out there for people to see. I'd also love to get traveling again sooner than later for sure! It should be a sick year I think. 



You can find more of his work at @deli_kookaburra








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