Often people have soundtracks and specific songs that can send you on a dream adventure, however Jonorosee is an artist that can do just that through his images. A natural photographer with the skill to add a sense of mystery behind the shots. Its a combination of mind-blowing scenes and an ominous glow that caught my eye. For example If you put on Ben Howard and just scroll through his Instagram feed its guaranteed to create magic.


 Who are you? And where are you from

My name is Jono Rose. I'm a bit of a dreamer, part entrepreneur - but most of all, I find my passion when an opportunity arises to show people the potential we all carry, and what it means to appreciate every moment and feeling we're given in the world we live. 

I was raised in Melbourne, Australia and made the move to Tasmania at 10 years old. I fell in love with exploring at 9 years old after travelling around Australia in a campervan with my family, and I owe it to the trip and my parents for my initial leap into photography. By 14 years old, I was saving up for a camera - which would have taken a couple of years to realistically afford - when a complete stranger recognized my passion to get into photography and handed down her old Canon gear. Thus began my journey to where I am today with a hand-me-down 8mp DSLR. 


 There's something quite magical about your photos, where do you draw the inspiration to create these pieces?

 I think the most natural form of inspiration comes from being in the moment itself. Whether its exploring somewhere new, adventuring with friends, or meeting new people, there's always some element of influence that makes you want nothing else but to see the same moment come to life on the back of your camera. 


 If you had to pick one way to shoot for the rest of your life would it be potraiture or landscape shots? and why?

I would pick landscapes. As much as I love portraiture, I think I'm naturally more curious about what can be said about the beauty of this world. Whilst it's important to find a way to recognize the beauty in ourselves and others, I think my focus has always been on how we treat the world we've been given so freely, and how easily we overlook its amazing design.


 It's safe to say that cooler tones are major factor in your feed, are the cooler tones due to the ocean? or where do you draw your inspiration from?

I think what I love most about the cooler tones is the mood that it carries, which is mainly why I use them. I love pulling out the dreaminess in places, and this often leads to a lot of dawn/dusk shooting in locations with blue as the dominant colour.


 If you could spend two weeks in a country just capturing shots to create a book, where would it be and why that location?

I'd say Hawaii. Seeing the landscapes of that place really blows my mind, and I love the island feel to it. I've also always wanted to get into underwater photography, and it seems like the perfect place to do just that.


 How long have you been into photography? and when did you realise you had a real eye for the shot?

It's been about 5 years since I discovered my love for photography. It was probably at around 15 years old that I was really able to get into photography and discovered that I had an eye for it.


Where would you ideally like to see your work take you?

I hope one day to be creating content full-time - photos and filmmaking. Whether that means I get to travel the world and work with big brands doesn't matter so much to me as long as I'm inspiring and sharing with others.


Instagram: @jonorosee

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