Jack St. John Bussell

This weeks Artist for creative corner is the authentic commercial and lifestyle photographer Jack St. John Bussell.  It will only take a second after diving into Jack's Instagram feed to realise the ocean and everything outdoors is very close to his heart. 

Who are you, where are you from and how has this influenced your work

WHO AM I… Big question haha, I am 26yr old professional photographer specialising in authentic commercial & lifestyle projects… Thats what I do for my profession at least. As for passion there are many things that inspire and spark joy in my life each day, things that make me who I am; photographing moments in this amazing world we live in, photographing moments of solitude, adventure and character are some of the things that make me who I am. In a broader sense other things that make me me who I am outside of photography are my wife, faith, music, surfing, video games and burritos…
I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for most of my life and now call The Central Coast home, having been close to the ocean for most of my life I think this is a core influence for me; the power, the beauty, the mystery. These are all things that bring me back to ocean as my playground and muse.

How long have you been into photography and how long did it take until you realised this is what you were so passionate about?

I have been into photography since the age of 18 when I saved up for a 2nd hand DSLR kit on eBay and it never showed up, luckily PayPal was able to refund the money and I bought a new one. However I do remember having a disposable film camera as little 6yr and having lots of fun with that, maybe the passion was just dormant for a while. For me since the age of 18 photography has grown from a hobby into a passion and now it’s my life, it wasn’t until the age of 20 when I got a studio photography gig that I became truly passionate about it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now.

Having a range of really engaging ocean shots, what does the ocean mean to you?  

As I surf and also take photos in it, the ocean is my playground and my muse, a daily changing mixture of h2O, salt and beauty keeps me looking. I truly believe that each day you get to feel the ocean, take a few shots and feel the sun on your skin is a great day.
As you can probably tell the ocean means a great deal to me, but it shouldn’t just mean that to me.
About 50-80% of oxygen for each breath we take comes from organisms living in the ocean (look up oxygen from diatoms, its crazy bro). Sadly a lot of people have an out of sight out of mind approach when it comes to single-use plastics and waste disposal which are chocking up oceans and entering our food chains. But the future is bright, I believe we can progress and fix our errors.

What inspires you to try new things and expand your range when it comes to photography?

I love seeing passion, craftsmanship, and character. Places and people that have these things make me want to expand and try and capture it in my own way to try and convey a story or feeling, sometimes a new piece of gear will inspire me to try something new out as well. Architecture, athleticism and culture are some new things that I want to expand in.


 If you could go anywhere in the world to capture an image, where would it be and why?

Another big question to finish haha. I am going to France, Switzerland and Italy in October with my wife and so hopefully I get to cross of a few bucket-list shots while Im there like shooting The Matterhorn in Zermatt Switzerland or Dolomites in Italy.

With the above in mind I think I would pick… Ahh to many to pick from but maybe Kyrgyzstan “The Switzerland of Central Asia” and I would be shooting an epic 4x4 road trip sponsored by an energy drink company. Alternatively I would pick an Antarctica to photograph the landscape and fauna.
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