Esky Fest II

As the weekend rolls by we reflect on what a wicked weekend that was, Esky Fest II hit a little different. The weekend consisted of bands, beverages and a bunch of new crew members. There was a healthy energy in the air on Saturday night that consisted of excitement and general stoke from our homies. It was a huge goal of ours to host an event in 2020 however we didn't expect it to be in the capacity that was Esky Fest II. 
We came onto the scene a little later with Goldblum putting on a party, we chopped it up and the boys allowed us to come through and sponsor the event in hope to raise as much money for black dog institute as we could. A gold coin donation and fresh cuts from the boys @ThePrivateStudio_ we collectively managed to raise 1000k+ for mental health research which is such a huge win from all involved!
The boys with their barber chair and banner set up early for a night of fresh fades and clean cut beards.  From about 5pm Pre kick off the boys had someone in their chair with constant hair being clipped until the very end. Their skill and technique mixed in with a bit of perfect time management made for a great night all round. The boys will be opening up their new store in Terrigal this Saturday the 7th of March 2020. You can follow their journey and work @ThePrivateStudio_ on instagram.
It was a large part of our goals for 2020 was to host an event where its just genuine humans, good music and some of our threads! We didnt event start to imagine the scale of our first every event from Crew Top Collective. This went off with an absolute bang. So very thankful for the evening and a huge shout out to all the bands that came through and provided the music for the night. 
Now to plan a festival of sorts to boost these sort of events on the coast, great night all round. 
Bands went on as follows
All photos are taken by @jaredweedon.



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