Forming from Seabreeze down south, a two piece band creating sounds for the seasons rock up with a drum kit by side and guitar in hand. These two salt infused musicians are setting the scene on fire. With a new single being released on Friday titled "Majority Of My Time" they look to create a soundtrack to our adventures. You may find yourself on a Saturday afternoon, cold beverage in hand having a boogie to their tunes very soon! Enjoy an inside into who Debbies are!


Who are you? Where are you located and how has this influenced your music.

So Debbies is made up of the two of us, Noah (17) on the guitar, Robbo (18) on the drums and we've both grown up five minutes down the road from each other in Jervis Bay for our whole lives. Jervis Bay definitely doesn't have the music scene at the moment that we would like it to have, which is what influenced us to try and make something of it by keeping a sound that is hard hitting but also jangly, something signature to Jervis Bay.


When was the band formed and how long before it was formed did you guys know each other?

Originally the band was formed in late 2017, we were in year 10 (we are currently in year 12) and started a band at school called "Debbies Disco Biskuts." its really funny actually looking back on it now cause we were a four piece and did so many Violent Soho covers you would go insane. We did a fair few gigs at local pubs and stuff but it wasn't massive or anything, as time went on all of us lost a bit of interest in the band and we all kinda split for a bit to give it a break. 2018 Robbo and I (Noah) were always messing around on weekends however we could, we would ride in the local triathlon in Husky on our way to busk down the street and get yelled at cause we weren't even in it, or get heaps of dirty looks when we played in the street cause we sounded so rubbish. As time went on the two of us spent a lot of time in Robbo's attic writing original stuff. We had no idea what sound we were going for or even if we wanted to record the tracks we were writing but it was so much fun doing it. In the span of two weeks we pumped out probably 5 songs, including "Comfort Zone" and "What Do I Know" and it all just picked off from there, we thought Debbies Disco Biskuts just wasn't the right name anymore so we dropped a disco biskut and out came Debbies ! I guess we digged the two piece look.



Is music your only creative outlet or are there many more? 

Music is pretty much the only thing we are sort of creatively good at, actually Robbo's heaps talented at art which sometimes helps when thinking of what cover art ideas and directions to go for with new singles. 


Where would you like the music to take you? (dream location to play a show/goal location) 

Not too sure really where we want the music to take us, it would be insane if we could end up just doing music but it is such a weird thought. Would be a dream to play somewhere big like a proper festival with heaps of mates that have helped us along the way, that would be a treat but we honestly take any gig we can get, pubs are always the best you cant beat that.


If you were to put on a good old fashioned summer arvo gig, who would you love to jam with and why? 

If we were to chuck on a old fashioned summer arvo gig, we would look no further then to jam with Jimmy Barnes, we could listen to that man talk all day,  he's got a million stories under his belt and his voice is a treat, nuff said ! 


Last of all, What would you like to get out of the back end of 2019

This first half of 2019 has been so much better then we expected, we never thought we would get one of our songs played on Triple J let alone both now ! Its such a sick feeling. With the back end of 2019 we have our third single titled "Majority of My Time" coming out next Friday (19th July) that we hope kicks off a bit and we have just started merch too which hopefully people get into and a few more gigs will do us good we would say! 


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