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Glydd aren't exactly what you would imagine! A music two piece? a brand? a community? How about all of the above! With a vision for the future and current music to make you boogy, Glydd are making waves on the central coast and far far away. Passionate for the process you can tell that these boys will go far with the brand and community that is Glydd.


Lets start from the beginning, can you tell us how you came up with the name Glydd? 

Owen: I dont think there was a day we came up with the idea, tom and I have just been playing music since high school and since then we just kept playing music in our bedrooms together. We then decided to put out a song and we would need a name to do so. Glydd was just the name we settled on it doesn’t hold any real heartfelt meaning but at the time it was just something to get our music out under. 

Tom: Its the sort of thing we always did, we had a band and put out music.  



When creating a piece of music, can you explain the feeling when you know this songs the one or that this song hits the spot 

Tom: I reckon anywhere to be honest. One of the things we love about our music is that we always do our own thing and don’t really aim to replicate a particular sound.  The stuff that has influenced me in my life is Kanye West, Oasis and tame impala. So thats just going to naturally seep into the way I approach making music. 

Owen: I dont think I have any direct influences and I listen to such an eclectic array of music and I think they all kind of make their way in their somehow but I never when creating music have been like I want it to sound like x, y or z. I do that when I mix because thats what referencing is when mixing a song because you’re like I want  these guitars to sound like empire of the sun and I want the drums to sound big! When mixing a song I think about references and influences I guess but they just come from things that I think sound good but wont always be songs I Like and often stem from specific mix engineers as opposed to artist so I would think ill use a Michael Brauer, Andrew Scheps or Tony Maserati and I don’t really think of artists when I mix. 



Now, just touching on the fact you are now a two piece is it easier to come to a conclusion with your songs and decisions now rather than before? 

Tom: I think because we are fairly inexperienced releasing music there isn’t a feeling of us knowing when the song is going to be popular but were getting to a spot where we can tell when the song is reflective of how we want to sound. Theres a few songs coming up that we know are Glydd and theres never been a feeling other than us driving around thinking this is kinda cool. 

Owen: I think  when we finish a song together and look back theres a feeling of excitement for me anyway, I think its cool and I think its what I imagined and I think its cool. 



Do you feel you are stronger as a duo than when you had multiple band members? What are some differences you can identify that make you a stronger band 

TomThe only way it wouldn’t be is because me and Owen have grown together in glydd and we know how each other work and the vision we have for Glydd. The creative process is still exactly the same to when it was a four piece with just Jordan on the drums. It would be me doing the bedroom demos and taking them to Owen and he would record and produce the songs. 

Owen: The change from the 4 to the 2 piece didn’t really change our creative process at all, there were times when Joey and Jordan would have input on things and that was great but I don’t think thats the aspect they brought to the table that we are missing. The big one is playing live with two people who we trusted that are our best mates and we knew they were in it with us to now playing with fill ins or session musos its a bit different theres more of a reliance on each other opposed to having three other people. 

Tom: Just touching on the question, Do we feel stronger as a duo? I say yes as we touched on in the last question we have grown stronger together, we are either going to grow together as a project or just fall apart. I think now we are at a point where its stronger between the two of us which leaves room for two other blokes to play with us and not have the highest of expectations ha!




Lets touch on you being a costal band, will this impact your sound over time? Mellow motion of the ocean coming through our headphones or do you have another vision in mind? 

Tom: Not really, all the music we listen to or I listen to doesn’t really come from the coast so its not something I’m for or against its just something I don’t see happening. 

Owen: I agree, I’m not really affected or influenced by the coast sound as it doesn’t really play a major roll in our sound or style. 



We love that you’re building a community around Glydd, ideally where would you like the brand that is Glydd to be in 5 years? 

Tom: We would like to be at a point where there are several points to Glydd that are standing on their own for instance: Clothing, a media based company and the music thing a the top and a few solid projects under our belt. 

Owen: I want to be at the point where we have a team around us who are maintaining those different assets of the Glydd Brand where it allows tom and I to focus on the music hands down and project manage the other parts of the brand where we can lias with whatever Angus from Glydd media who will be the head of the media department. 



We love getting the imagination rocking so what are some methods you boys use to get songs rolling? 

Tom: I don't have any unfortunately, actually sometimes more recently iv found an album or a sound I like and put it into a playlist and go for a walk up the rumbulara reserve or even sit in my room and just chill and write lyrics to it. Thats the only thing iv been doing recently but otherwise its just following the feeling of making something. 

Owen: Im lucky I’m in the position where when I come into the song writing process tom already has a song, essentially and then I’m sprinkling bits on or taking bits out or changing structure and things like that so thankfully tom already has a ground work for me to feel inspired and for me to get into the zone. When we are doing that my process is to normally find the biggest part of the song first and correct that and if that happens great I can move on but if it doesn’t ill work my way through the song from the biggest section first and trickle my way down correcting as I go. 



We can not wait for for the new track, are there more to come?? 

Tom: Plenty more to come! We have like 5 or 6 in the bank ready to go. Like we touched on if we aren’t at the point where we have a couple projects under our belt thats our focus and thats where we would love to be. 



A few future questions to get us salivating on whats to come from Glydd, When you’re touring is there a must go location you have always dreamed of? 

Tom: I have always wanted to fucking get into a van and just tour around america! 

Owen: I would love to play a big show just in Sydney, whether its a Hordon Pavillion, Enmore theatre or even an ANZ Arena show, stadium shows baby!  Just the small stuff right?



If you could play for anyone in the world, dead or alive who would it be and why? 

Tom: *mutters to owen* “Andrew Johns?” Haha.  Thats a weird and scary question, One thing Iv always dreamt of is to play lead guitar for Oasis or Pink Floyd, its like a dream iv always had! 

Owen: Id want to one weird little bit of percussion in a RadioHead set but thats it, don’t give me a guitar in that set! 



Before we wrap it up, can you go in depth on the creation of your latest project “For Now” Whats the track about and how did it come about? 

Tom: It came out of a place where we just finished up recording a bunch of songs we had been working on for ages and it was getting kind of stale. Which is really a reflection of my life at the current time so I was thinking for now what do I have to do to get where I want to be? So the creation process was making a demo in my room and showing it to Owen and then down the line we are here and releasing it to the world! 

Owen: Its pretty much it, in this instance the only thing I can think is different to the other songs we have done is almost everything but the lead vocal was recorded in your bedroom which is something that doesn’t happen, normally we re-track the instruments if not all of them but we kept them all in the bedroom this time which is kinda cool for the first one! With the others we re-tracked instruments and everything sounds a little high fi I guess! 




I highly recommend looking into Glydd and following their upcoming projects as its such an exciting time! 


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