Louis Raymond

Introducing Creative Corner!

Creative corner will be a series of blog posts introducing you to some of the best artists creating magic from coast to coast! These posts will be an outlet for any artist to answer a few questions and showcase some of their favourite pieces. 


First artist we have the pleasure of showcasing is Louis Raymond. If you’re grinding through the working week dreaming of the weekend take 5 minutes to look at his work, he will teleport you to simpler times whilst ignite the passion for adventure! He has taken the time to give us a little insight into his journey as a photographer and what fuels his passion. 

Who are you? 

My name is Louis Raymond, 20 years old and based in Wollongong. 
Born from the love of adventure and art it's easy to say that this drive to create has taken over my life.
From drawing and painting in the early years, learning piano then to first picking up a camera at the age of 8, it's adsorbed me and I couldn't be happier with how my life has turned out because of it.
I was picked up by two awesome blokes with amazing companies which allows me to travel, make films and photograph for a living, I decided to drop out of year 12 to pursue this and now I can say how grateful I am to do this for a living. They say you never have to work a day in your life when you're doing what you love, but trust me, it is work, and it is bloody stressful, but I love the stress and I couldn't ask for anything more.
Why did you pick up a camera and when did you start photography?
I would say my love for photography stemmed from filmmaking when I was 9 back in 2008. Equipped with a Panasonic HDC-DX1 and iMovie ’08, I was set, creating ridiculous movie trailers and multiple films of plants in my front garden which then led to capturing stills of these moments and learning to document them with only one frame.
What does photography mean to you or what do you get out of photography? 
Photography to me is documenting. Documenting moments and really telling a story. 
All good if something looks cool, but you don't want to do it only to make people jealous and wish they were there. You want to inspire people to get out and go places, see them, experience them.
Favourite image to date? And why. 
(fuark mate you've had me stumped on this for hours) - attached below
This shot was from a night spent running around like avid kids with some old friends.
I captured this as a group of people emerged from the flooded tunnel, with a surfboard in hand, backlit by the torches, pointing towards a plane in the sky. Completely unplanned.
Below is the image referenced in the last question and a handful of other sensational shots.
You can find more of Louis's work here: 
Instagram: @louisraymo


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