New Direction

I just wanted to touch base and inform our little community with the future and direction that Crew Top will be moving in from this point forward. 
We set off on this journey as a clothing company based around the ocean and adventure lifestyle. I love creating clothes and building a community but honestly my passion doesn't lie in strictly surf apparel. As long as I can remember I have had a skateboard or pair of sneakers near by and in saying this have loved some really unique clothing options! With the change in direction for Crew Top it means we will be shaping our clothes in a street/art based direction. 
We would love to build a community that will be amongst the streets for those warehouse gigs, evening skate sessions and your go to fashion. Building this new direction of the brand will take time but we have many new graphics that hold meaning and a brand mascot on the way. I want to work with all sorts of people on designing small order collaborations so the brand can mean something different for everyone on the journey.
The creative corner will exist as we know it with the addition of a blog from myself, the creator of the brand and photographer. I rarely connect myself to the brand and keep them seperate but I think with the change of the brand direction ill be all around this space. These blog posts will range from my opinion on new kicks to the direction the Australian Street Wear scene is heading. 
We can't wait to grow as a street wear label in this forever expanding industry but we couldn't wait to be a part of it. 


This is our first street based design that shows a imagery of a protest, I created this piece to show how the mainstream media portrays a message that lacks the full story. Its always been the way of twisting the imagery to get the result you want however we are seeing more and more people rise against this filtered media and going directly to the source. 


Stay tuned as this ride will be my most stoked.